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The #1 Reason to Sell Your Home Before Spring

Thinking of selling your home this year? There are a number of reasons you should consider selling sooner than later. As Spring is fast approaching, a large number of other homes will go up for sale. This increase of inventory will influence the price of your home. The price of any item (including residential real…

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New Study Shows Bidding Wars Still Common in Today’s Market

Just like with any product or service, the law of supply and demand impacts home prices. Any time that there is less supply than the market demands, prices increase. In many areas of the country, the supply of homes for sale in the starter and trade-up home markets is so low that bidding wars have ensued, and…

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3 Reasons We Are NOT in a Housing Bubble

housing bubble

With housing prices appreciating at levels that far exceed historical norms, some are fearful that the market is heading for another bubble. To alleviate that fear, we just need to look back at the reasons that caused the bubble ten years ago. Last Decade Versus Today Last decade, demand for housing was artificially propped up…

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Is Now The Right Time To Sell My House?

Every winter, families across the country decide if this will be the year that they sell their current houses and move into their dream homes. Mortgage rates hovered around 4% for all of 2017 which forced many buyers off the fence and into the market, resulting in incredibly strong demand RIGHT NOW! At the same time, however,…

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Where Are Interest Rates Headed in 2018?

If you are considering moving up to your dream home, it may be better to do it sooner rather than later. The two components of your monthly mortgage payment (home prices & interest rates) are both projected to increase as the year moves forward, and interest rates may increase rather dramatically. Here are some predictions…

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3 Financial Reasons Why 33% of Homeowners are Downsizing this Year

A study by Edelman Berland reveals that 33% of homeowners who are contemplating selling their houses in the near future are planning to scale down. Let’s look at a few reasons why this might make sense for many homeowners, as the majority of the country is currently experiencing a seller’s market. In a blog, Dave Ramsey, the financial…

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Qualified Real Estate Agent

The National Association of Realtors recently released their new Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers in which they surveyed recent home buyers and sellers about their experiences. An entire section of the profile is dedicated to clients’ experiences with their real estate agents. If you are looking to buy or sell your house in 2018,…

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New Study Shows FSBOs Don’t Save Real Estate Commission

One of the main reasons why For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) don’t use a real estate agent is because they believe they will save the commission an agent charges for getting their house on the market and selling it. A new study by Collateral Analytics, however, reveals that FSBOs don’t actually save anything, and in…

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7 Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Realtor

questions to ask when interviewing realtor

When interviewing agents to sell their home, most homesellers really only care about the answer to two questions: Who is going to sell it for the most money? Who is going to charge me the least? The result of these narrow criteria is painful to the seller. Most people list their home at a price…

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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter

reasons to sell your home in the winter

As a homeowner, you want to maximize the proceeds from the sale of your home. One of the big questions a homeowner must ask is: What is the best time of year to sell my home? Should I sell my home in the Winter? Or is the Summer better? As you may imagine, the answer…

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