Probate & Trust Home Sales

We help you generate maximum proceeds from the sale of a home in probate and trust

If you are faced with the sale of a home through probate or trust, you’ve come to the right place. This page is designed to answer the questions of heirs as well as their agents and attorneys at this important stage.

Probate & Trust Services

Property Rehabilitation

We hold walkthroughs with trusted contractors and vendors to create detailed repair lists and bids for repair. We can install new appliances, re-roof, paint, and carpet the home so you gain top dollar for your property.

Comprehensive Marketing

We conduct comprehensive marketing campaigns to demonstrate the unique value of your property. We then market your property online and offline to thousands of potential buyers, investors and brokers.

Property Security

To ensure maximum security of the property, we re-key the doors and provide ultra-strength combination locks, followed by multiple inspections of the property. Our lockboxes provide secure accessibility to the property.

Property Management

We maintain and manage the property throughout the process, including turning on the utilities and handling the billing. We determine the property's occupancy and take action to ensure safety.

Evictions & Lockouts

Working closely with eviction attorneys, we expedite move-out dates with the Eviction proceedings. Furthermore, we meet with the Marshal at lockout to ensure to process moves smoothly.

Junk Removal

We photograph and itemize all personal property including automobiles and all valuables. We also arrange with the seller the sale, storage, disposal or donation of unwanted personal property.

Probate Process Overview

Appointment of the Administrator or Executor of the estate. In most cases, the decedent’s will names an Executor who is designated to handle the distribution of assets, including real property.

The Executor establishes a list price for the home. The price takes into account the appraisal by the Probate Referee and is usually determined with the assistance of a real estate agent experienced in probate and trust sales.

The property is listed for sale through the agent/broker. Working with a probate specialist like SG Associates is an essential step toward earning the best price and terms for your home.

The real estate agent markets the home in the public market. When you work with SG Associates, we will market each home aggressively leveraging our industry-leading marketing strategy.

We will negotiate on your behalf to establish the best price and terms. When the property has an accepted offer, a Notice of Proposed Action is mailed to all heirs, stating the terms of the proposed sale.

The attorney for the estate applies for a court date (the “confirmation hearing”) when the sale will be executed.

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The process of selling real estate through probate or trust is a series of court-regulated steps that must be carefully monitored and managed. Contact SG Associates to learn more about this process and create a strategy for your home.

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