3 Reasons Spa Relais is the New Self Care Oasis

Spa Relais is a beautiful property adjacent to the Westlake Village Inn. Hotel guests at the Westlake Village Inn have access to the spa from the pool. They are on a 17 acre property that includes the Inn, the restaurant Mediterraneo and the vineyard Stonehaus. They officially opened in February 2021 in the midst of the pandemic. Their plans were to open in early 2020, however similarly with the rest of the world everything was on hold. There was no big opening for the spa due to Covid19 restrictions; however, an effective marketing campaign and word of mouth has made the spa busy. After perusing through their website, this beautiful property had me curious about this new spa in our neighborhood. I had to stop by to see it myself. Continue reading to see my main 3 reasons Spa Relais is the new Self Care Oasis.

Spare No Expense

Its entrance is on Lakeview Canyon Road, the driveway next to Westlake Golf course. It’s Tuscany style stone exterior is similar to Stonehaus and the Inn, and so right away I was feeling I was somewhere in Europe and not in LA. As I walked in the beautiful foyer, Alexandra Cuilty, the Spa Director greets me and was eager to help and assist. I inquire about the services and the property. She was happy to oblige with as much information and with a little tour. They spared no expense on the interior to be consistent with their European brand. French music was playing, light fixtures and ceiling wood beams from Europe and Mediterranean style tile work throughout the floor and walls. The artwork is a personal touch and curated from the owners of the spa.

Self Care Approved

Spa Relais does not fall short on customer service and personal touches. At SG Associates, I believe customer service and personal touches to be two business essentials to stand out from their competitors. So I was happy to notice mimosas were chilling and ready behind the front desk when guests check in. The attention to detail is the key factor from this spa. As a usual practice, guests fill out a form of preferences and restrictions the massage therapists need to be aware of, but guests are open to state if their reasons for attending the spa are to relax, escape and to be at peace. The spa provides a meditation bed with headphones to be able to relax their body and mind.

So Much to Love

The stress of the pandemic has left a mark in our psyche and it gives us a new perspective of what is important in our lives. Some people say certain areas in their lives were taken for granted and self care was the least amount to focus on. I appreciate the idea this new spa has opened here in the 805 area. It allows me to give myself a much needed break. There are specific areas in the spa I made a mental note when I’m ready to return. Here are my 3 reasons Spa Relais is the new self care oasis!

  1. The Vichy Showers seemed interesting. 6 shower heads with hot and cold water cascading over the guests as they lay on a waterbed like twin mattress. This service is an inspiration from the mineral springs in Vichy, France. Guests benefit from this shower service by relieving jet lag, boosting immunity, eliminating hangover symptoms, encouraging lymphatic drainage and reducing stress.
  2. VIP Suites are enticing. Two massage beds in a room similar to a hotel suite. There’s a little lounge area, fireplace and champagne and charcuterie board. There’s also an outdoor secluded area to enjoy with the privacy of the room. I know my wife would love this!
  3. I’m no athlete but I love to cycle. So one of their massages is sport focused and specifically called CBD Sport Massage. Massage therapists target muscle areas to relieve the aches and soreness from strenuous activities.

Making an appointment


I walked around for 20 minutes and was very intrigued by the director’s mini tour. I am happy to recommend this spa to my clients and anyone outside the Westlake Village area. I’m planning to book an appointment for a massage and hope to bring my wife and friends to enjoy the beautiful property and the surrounding amenities. Who wants to join me at Spa Relais?

If you have any questions about my experience at the spa or real estate questions in the 805 area, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. http://www.sgassocaitesre.com

If you are interested in visiting Spa Relais, then it is located at 31943 Agoura Rd. Westlake Village, CA 91361. You can visit their website here to make your appointment. http://www.westlakevillageinn.com/spa

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