Beers, Wines & Awards Oh My!

Nowadays nothing surprises me! Not until I stepped in 14 Cannons! As advertised on their website, it’s a brewery with a wine club. However, walking in this four year old dim lit decorated bar in a Westlake Village business park with fermenting tanks, I was a bit intrigued. After talking to the co-founder Nic Bortolin, I realized this is not your average brewery and a wine club. It’s a place with a history of beers, wines & awards (oh my!)


“I make Beer disappear. What’s your superpower?!” I saw that on a glass. If you ask Nic what his superpower is, then it would be ‘creating beer’! Nic can officially say (or brag as far as I’m concerned) he is a Beer Master! They brew all the beer on location. The process is about 2 months of mixing and fermenting in the 10 tanks. They even have a German tank for their lagers.

One of the things I love about this place is the decor. The co-founder is Marshal Haraden who is a construction developer of bars (also has a very interesting story of how he came up with the name, so check out their website!). They met at another bar where Nic worked and after sharing ideas they ventured to create 14 Cannons, which is a showroom of what the developer company can offer. However, history doesn’t start there. Where does the love of beer begin? Nic was studying abroad in Europe and fell in love with his first taste of beer in Prague in the fall. Yes Oktoberfest! Returning to the states he started home brewing beer. A bar opened near his place and he brought his home brewed samples. The bar offered him a job on the spot. Here is a little fun fact – K17 one of the lagers is the apartment number of his place while studying abroad in Prague. 


They are very thoughtful to cater to the Westlake Village and 805 area who are not beer drinkers. Hence, Club14 wine bar opened in 2019. Charlie and Lauren Cielo, the brother and sister duo, and sommeliers, run the wine club nestled in the corner of the brewery. Does the name sound familiar? They are related to the Cielo Winery in Malibu, so to say wine is in their blood is an understatement. They don’t just open a bottle, sniff it and pour, they educate the customers who want to try something new and know a little bit more.

So if you think you are going to come in after a long day of work needing a glass of wine then leave that drama at the door and bring in your taste buds and curiosity. Charlie loves to open your palate and dive into a pool of flavors in a 2oz flight. His passion is educating the customers. 

If a restaurant is serving wine and beer, then they have to serve food and so they created a pizza kitchen. Rock and Roll pizza has found a new home in Club14. It is the absolute best pairing with either the wine or beer.


Would it surprise you 14 Cannons have won awards after being open for 4 years? Lagers are their main winners. The Patient Pilsner is Best Pilsner in California in 2019. The Marooner Marzen won 3 Gold medals and one Best Amber Lager. The Powder Chest is Best Black IPA. The awarded ribbons are on display front and center above the bar for everyone to see. 

805life 14 Cannons Awards

I sampled a couple of beers and I can fully understand why they are award winning. A passion does not go unnoticed and it certainly will not be ignored. Nic and Charlie’s love for beer and wine is an art form.

I highly recommend 14 Cannons for a great beer or wine, great pizza and cool pirate-esque decor. Certain nights are eventful with Trivia Tuesday, Open Mic Wednesday and All Day Happy Hour Thursday. Also join the wine club to receive deals on the beer.

It’s a great place and I’m sure everyone from the 805 area would enjoy this “bar”. It has everything… beers, wines & awards (oh my!)

If you have any questions regarding real estate or 14 Cannons, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you. 

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Check out our YouTube video when we visited the guys at 14 Cannons and Club14!

Enjoy! ~ Sergio

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