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Bees are forming in one of the pillars at the entry. Buyers love the repairs, prices a little high, bubbling paint in basement bedroom (possible moisture).


No Supra, no gas (notice left by Gas Co.) no broom, need a couple rolls of toilet paper, need pool skimmer, pool has a lot of leaves on bottom, yard needs to be cut, suggest lock on gate to pool (safety hazzard), one ceiling fan downstairs is stuck (will not turn), bubbled paint in basement bedroom (possible moisture). Comments from Prospects-like the open floor plan, loved the upgrades, a few said overpriced, backyard needs work.


Shirley & Jill 6 contacts, 6 additional with agents. 12 total. On arrival, 2 doors were left unlocked. Visitor Comments: stucco incomplete, price high, yard unfinished, electric meter in front of house, drain on patio surrounded by standing water ( drain needs to be graded properly, it’s too high, water has contributed to algae growth on the patio). Neighbor directly across street requested the front porch fixture have lower wattage bulbs and the motion sensor flood lights to be pointed downward rather than out to street.. the bright lighting is causing a glare hazard leaving their driveway. Basement bedroom needs drywall correction on right corner looking in from doorway... could be moisture damage, can’t tell without further inspection. Lock still missing in basement door. Grass in front and back needs to be mowed. Trash cans need to be emptied. Monday is trash day and we sat them out hoping they will get picked up. If not, a pickup needs to be scheduled. Neighbor will let me know tomorrow.


Our attendees consisted of 95% neighbors due to Shirley's door knocking efforts in the area during the prior week. Pros: good use of space, one comment regarding staging. Cons: lacks a luxury feel, price, unfinished: stucco inconsistency, hardscape, landscape, pool, front porch, electric meter visible on front left, lack of privacy fence on right side to hide the old truck next door, one water heater?, electrical panel in basement needs to be covered. Cabinets in kitchen are nice with respect to a flip property but lack the high-end quality expected in this price range, no refrigerator and the space is too small to accommodate a proper size high-end refrigerator to service a large family. Potential drainage issue, porch from family room, rear. Water pooled over a drain that is either clogged with construction debris or other problem. Front gate does not operate consistently. Slate facade on front left post is coming unglued. Unfinished interior garage. Windows in garage replaced? old barn storage out back? Grass not maintained and pool full of algae. Was pool equipment updated?


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