Clutter Detox: What’s Your Clutter Personality?

Spring cleaning season is well under way but, well, your clutter is still there. Is your clutter personality to blame? Understanding your “type” will uncover some coping skills for a healthy declutter rehab.

The Hoarder

“This might come in handy someday”. Insecurity is the underlying cause of hoarding. Deep down, you fear that if you let go of possessions you’ll never have the resources you need in life.

Coping skills: Remind yourself that resources are plentiful when you need them. Magazines are indexed at the library, kitchenware is discounted at yard sales, small appliances can be found at the thrift store; think of these as household vaults that you can deposit and withdraw from. So gather those decade-old publications, miss –matched utensils, and rickety appliances, and recycle them.

The Deferer

“I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Procrastination is the vice of deferrers. Guilty of the great set-aside, rather than keep a rolling ball in motion, you choose to pick it back up and start over, again and again.

Coping skills: Just finish what you start, one task, and one check off the checklist at a time. Keep in mind that putting off decisions drags you down with unfinished business that only multiplies, leaving you too overwhelmed to deal with them.

The Rebel

“I don’t wanna and you can’t make me!” Blame is the heart of the matter with rebels. Perhaps, forced to pick up after themselves as children, mom’s OCD is at fault.

Coping skills: Take off the stubborn armor and realize that the war is over. Remember, you don’t live with mom anymore – you’re the authority figure now. You’ve reached a milestone and owe it to yourself to make your new home a nice place to live and for people to visit.

The Perfectionist

“Next week, I’ll organize everything – perfectly”. It’s an all-or-nothing world with you. A less than perfect job is unacceptable, so if you don’t have 110% to give, you choose zero.

Coping skills: Don’t forget the 20/80 rule: 20% of every job takes care of 80% of the problem. Don’t wait until you can buy the perfect shelf paper, lid holder organizer and color-coded labels to tidy up the overflowing kitchen cabinets. Make strides and progress. Fixing the remaining 20% will gobble 80% of the job.