Top 5 Best Thanksgiving Dinners near Westlake Village

Thanksgiving is coming up, and for many people, that means spending time with family and cooking all day long. But If you’re not the cooking type or don’t want to spend Thanksgiving alone, then I got you covered. Here are my top 5 best Thanksgiving dinners near Westlake Village!

TOP 1 | Coin & Candor

First up is Coin and Candor. This restaurant not only reflects the chef but also the restaurant’s home turf, with fresh produce grown on the property as well as sourced from nearby local farms. Handmade care taken with every element that arrives on your plate makes it a truly unique Thanksgiving experience!

TOP 2 | The Gallery Restaurant

Second, on my list is The Gallery Restaurant. Here you can enjoy a delicious gourmet Americana menu and raw bar, along with craft cocktails. The seasonal menu has something for everyone – from classic Thanksgiving dishes to modern takes on traditional favorites.

TOP 3 | Boccaccio’s

Third, on the list is Boccaccio’s. This restaurant offers a unique experience with traditional cuisine that celebrates fine dining. Enhance your Thanksgiving meal with the serene setting at Westlake Lake, a private lake surrounded by elegant residences.

TOP 4 | Mediterraneo Restaurant

Fourth on my list is Mediterraneo Restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for a Thanksgiving get-together with friends and family. The menu reflects a passion for preparing fresh, seasonal, European-style cuisine with unparalleled quality and value. Enjoy handmade pasta, the highest quality meats, fresh fish, vibrant salads, and tempting appetizers as you enjoy this memorable holiday.

TOP 5 | Phil’s

Finally, it’s Phil’s. Phil and Brenda have created an unforgettable dining experience that will bring back all your nostalgia this holiday season. Enjoy an amazing meal with freshly made dishes, world-class drinks, and exceptional service. Everything you need for the perfect Thanksgiving gathering!

No matter where you choose to have your dinner, make sure that it’s a memorable one! Westlake Village is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends this holiday season. We hope you find the right spot for you, Happy Thanksgiving!

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