Is a professional realtor worth the expense?

Selling your home is always emotional, stressful and complex. In today’s competitive and expensive real estate landscape, one has many options. There is more transparency and information available than ever before, thanks to the internet and companies like Zillow. It can be tempting to head to DIY and grab a For Sale by Owner sign to stick in your yard. After all, you’re an expert on your community, right? Probably not. That said, you may be considering a non-traditional low-cost or flat-fee real estate services company like RedFin or PurpleBricks.

Beware of the hidden costs…

Companies like PurpleBricks and Opendoor will make you an instant offer on your home. Sounds great, right? Wrong. The value of your home is based on an algorithm and these companies rely on technological and execution efficiencies. Additionally, you will still be responsible for costs from the outcome of the inspection. In essence, you could be receiving a low-ball offer and have to pay on the backend. 

Traditional brokerages cannot, and would not do this. A professional realtor visits your home and makes suggestions to increase the value. Offering a range of small to sometimes large fixes, your realtor will entice buyers and highlight the special things about your home, saving time and expense. This helps to mitigate many of low-ball offers as well as save money on potential costs associated with the outcome of an inspection. 

Is anybody out there?

First, human contact is key. Without it, there is no security and no assurance that your home is even being seen. Many of these new, non-traditional companies will assign you an area representative, put a sign in your yard and upload photos that you may or may not be responsible for getting on your own. In many of these cases, sellers often feel out-of-the-loop and disconnected, leading to frustration and no one to call that’s nearby and knowledgable. 

My hero!

A local, professional realtor dedicated to presenting, marketing and showcasing your home who is a phone call away is priceless. Every home has a story, and your realtor knows how to tell that story to highlight the unique and wonderful things in your home. Also, your realtor knows exactly how to target the accurate pool of buyers. Marketing materials are created, informed and disseminated based on your target audience.

The best thing to do when you’re ready to sell your house is to visit some open houses, traditional realtor and even check out some non-traditional, read the marketing materials and have meaningful conversations with the agent/s that gel with you. Good luck!

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