Time to downsize? Chin up, my friends!

The kids are gone and it’s time to downsize. While it’s emotional to leave a long-term residence, especially a home filled with fond memories of raising children and navigating so many life stages, downsizing to your new, smaller dream home is absolutely achievable. What’s more, there are substantial benefits awaiting you empty-nesters. First, a smaller home equals a smaller price tag in most cases. Additionally, the cost of living in a smaller home diminishes in terms of taxes, utilities, insurance and general maintenance. With grandkids to spoil on the way, cost savings is key and your time is precious too! A smaller home is more convenient, requiring less time cleaning and maintaining, freeing up more time to relax, enjoy and make memories with family and friends. Lastly, there’s the life-changing magic/decluttering/minimalist movement upon us… if it’s your time to purge, your timing couldn’t be better!  We all have too much stuff, and after raising children in a family home for many years, closets, garages, even beautiful furniture and rooms have become storage pods. Fortunately, there is a huge, localized, social marketplace for selling goods, ranging from tchotchkes to valuable antiques, including Next Door Neighborhood and Facebook Marketplace. No downside to downsizing, these days, for the empty-nester!

2017 North Ranch Annual Review

The SG Associates North Ranch Annual Review offers valuable insight into 2017’s market performance as a whole, along with a close analysis of single-family and condominium home sales in the 20 North Ranch prime neighborhoods.

  • Data for 20 neighborhoods
  • Beautiful custom maps & charts
  • Expert commentary & analysis