Westlake Village Real Estate Update: December 2022

December 2022 was an exciting month for the real estate market, with plenty of activity in buying and selling properties. This post will explore what happened during December 2022 and what factors drove activity levels. As well as what we can expect this 2023 thanks to this data.

What Said the Numbers About Westlake Village Real Estate?

The December Westlake Village Housing Market Update saw an increase in new listings and homes sold, while there was a decrease in pending sales compared to November’s update. There were 29 listings in December compared to 30 in November, 25 homes sold in December compared to 20 in November, and 18 pending sales in December compared to 30 in November.

The increase in new listings and homes sold indicates that the real estate market remains strong as we enter 2023. The decrease in pending sales can be attributed to buyers needing more time to make decisions during the holidays or sellers choosing to wait not to list their homes until after the New Year due to low demand at the end of the year.

These numbers indicate that Westlake Village’s housing market is still healthy and continues to experience steady growth month over month. Therefore, as we move into 2023, now may be an excellent time for buyers and sellers looking for an opportunity within this desirable neighborhood.

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In conclusion, the data from December 2022 paints an optimistic picture of the real estate market in Westlake Village for 2023. It is likely due to the broad number of recreational activities, excellent school districts, vibrant downtown, and quality of life that real estate owners in Westlake Village can enjoy.

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