Westlake Village Real Estate Update: November 2022

For those looking to buy or sell a home in Westlake Village, California, November 2022 was an exciting month. The market saw 30 new listings and an impressive 20 homes sold. In addition, there are currently 30 properties pending. Let’s dive deeper into what these numbers mean for the local real estate market.

What the Numbers Tell Us About Westlake Village Real Estate?

The number of new listings can tell us a lot about the current real estate climate in Westlake Village. With 30 new listings this past month, it’s likely that buyers will have more options when choosing their dream home. However, this influx of inventory could also decrease prices as sellers compete for buyers’ attention.

So far, competition isn’t a problem, as 20 homes have been sold this month alone! This suggests that buyer demand is strong, and there is no shortage of interested parties willing to invest in a property in Westlake Village.

Finally, the fact that there are 30 properties pending shows that there is still plenty of activity in the real estate market here. It could indicate further sales and continued growth over the last month of 2022 and next year as buyers search for their perfect home in this area. Interesting data, considering that this period is commonly toked as an off-season for real estate.

Are you looking to sell or buy a home in Westlake Village? We can help you.

The data from November 2022 paints an optimistic picture of the real estate landscape in Westlake Village. With 30 new listings, 20 homes sold, and another 30 pending, it looks like now is a great time to buy or sell property here! If you are interested in buying or selling property in this fantastic area of California, be sure to reach out to me, Sergio Gonzalez, or anybody on the SG Associates team to help you navigate today’s competitive market!