Beers, Wines & Awards Oh My!

805Life 14Cannons Beer Spouts

Nowadays nothing surprises me! Not until I stepped in 14 Cannons! As advertised on their website, it’s a brewery with a wine club. However, walking in this four year old dim lit decorated bar in a Westlake Village business park with fermenting tanks, I was a bit intrigued. After talking to the co-founder Nic Bortolin,…

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5 Reasons to Wine and Dine at Cork Dork


Absolutely everything on the menu was amazing, especially the Crispy Cauliflower! However there’s more than the food that would entice you to come to Cork Dork. Here are 5 reasons why you should wine and dine at Cork Dork! By day, I’m your trusted realtor with SG Associates serving the 805 area. But my other…

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